eSTATT is Cinécraft's unique, cost effective solution for delivering video based training via the web, complete with testing and tracking of learners on-line.

STATT stands for Staff Training & Tracking Technology originally developed as a CD-ROM based training approach for the healthcare industry by Cinécraft's Health & Safety Systems division.

eSTATT delivers this same CD-ROM based training technology via the web. Cinécraft has integrated Macromedia FLASH and a database component in an elegantly simple solution. It provides efficient and cost effective conversion of existing video based training material for web delivery. (A broadband web connection of 286kb is recommended.)

Training managers can have immediate access to reports on individual learners, or by subject. Detailed features of the eSTATT Training Manager can be customized for your specific application. Experience how easy it is to really learn on-line with full-motion video. Try eSTATT now.

To learn more about eSTATT contact
Neil McCormick, Cinécraft Productions Inc.
1-800-959-CINE (2463)